A Spirit Rising Experience

Spirit Rising Yoga and Healing is a studio that is located in Old Town Cottonlswood. “Spirit Rising Yoga was created to allow one to feel that dynamic silkiness of Prana movement through open channels of our body and energy centers.” Prana is often referred to as the "life force" or "life energy". In Hindu Philosophy, Prana refers collectively to all cosmic energy, infusing the Universe on all levels. Spirit Rising Yoga believes in “healing the body, and to do that, you have to look at it each day as new.”  Spirit Rising was rated the best yoga studio when it was located in Metro Detroit four years in a row. From Detroit, they decided to move to the Sacred Red Rocks and share their vision with Cottonwood, Arizona. They assure their customers that although they are new to Cottonwood, they are not new to yoga.

The teachers atservices---spirit-rising-yoga Spirit Rising are well trained and have had much experience in the art of yoga. Spirit Rising Yoga offers a large variety of yoga classes crafted for you, from beginner’s yoga sessions to Hatha and Vinyasa yoga. They also offer many healing services as well, ranging from trauma release to spiritual life coaching. If you are interested in trying yoga at Spirit Rising, your first session is free. To view more information about classes, scheduling, and to book your session, visit their website.