Wild Adventures Await

JRI2Image via Just Roughin' It

If your passion for the outdoors includes spontaneous, off-the-beaten-track hikes and a venture through the wilderness with nothing but the gear on your back then Just Roughin' It Adventure Company is your new best friend. This is not your average adventure tour company, but one that offers you the trip of a lifetime to explore some of the most amazing places in the United States. The team at Just Roughin' It will empower and help you explore some of the most exhilarating landscapes in Arizona, the Grand Canyon, Olympic National Park and Yosemite. They are committed to giving you an experience that requires a bit of extra hard work and a sense of adventure.  The end result is the feeling of absolute accomplishment once you complete one of their trips – no porters, no mules, no lodging - just you, your will, and a bit of sweat!

JRI1Image via Just Roughin' It

From backpacking and day hikes, to rock climbing, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding - Just Roughin' It has the adventure you’re craving with a team of guides who love the outdoors, have the proper certifications required to guide in the wilderness (WFR, EMT, Water Rescue, AMGA, PCIA), and are trained beyond the standards required by all governing bodies overseeing the lands.  Additionally, they have emergency and medical protocols in place and 24 hour staffing in the rare event there is an emergency on the trail that the guide cannot handle. Life is just too short to see the world from a bus window, a motel room door, google maps, or from the back of a Sherpa – if you’re looking for a bit of spice and excitement, swing by the Just Roughin' It website and book an adventure today!

Written by Somlynn Rorie