Duck and Decanter Reason Behind Fall Festival Success

Local First Arizona Fall Festival For the past several years, the Certified Local Fall Festival has been hosted at Portland Parkway, a small city park in the heart of Downtown Phoenix near Roosevelt Row. Did you know, though, that the annual celebration of all things local used to be hosted at the Duck and Decanter's 16th Street location? For the first few years of the festival, the event was held in the plaza area of the Duck and Decanter, known for serving Phoenix and the Valley since 1972 with award-winning sandwiches, soups and salads. As the event grew, it expanded to the parking lot, and eventually got so big that it outgrew the location and Local First Arizona was forced to consider a larger venue. The Fall Festival was moved to Portland Parkway in 2013.


The Duck and Decanter has always been a strong supporter of Local First Arizona, especially in the early days. When Local First Arizona Director Kimber Lanning first hatched the idea of hosting a festival specifically for celebrating local businesses, the Duck and Decanter offered their location as a host site without question. "The Certified Local Fall Festival wouldn't be the success it is today without the strong support of the Duck and Decanter," said Kimber. "Their team has been a valuable part of the planning and execution of this pivotal event since the very beginning. When we had to make the tough decision to find a new, larger location for the festival, the Duck was excited for new possibilities for the event and helped us in coordinating logistics and navigating challenges with the new location at Portland Parkway. We are so happy to have them as a partner on this event."


The Duck and Decanter has always been a supporter of the local movement in Arizona. They even carry a variety of local goods and products at their stores! Be sure to stop by the Duck and Decanter's booth at this year's Certified Local Fall Festival to see what delicious goodies they're serving up. Click here to see who else will be participating in this year's event. And don't forget to RSVP on Facebook!