Tucson locals brew up Halloween treats

This post guest written by LFA intern, Jessica Estrada. Ibarriopumpkint is finally here Tucson - the season of pumpkin everything. As the weather begins to cool down and pool season is behind us, we are all craving unique and spiced flavors. Local breweries are on a mission to satisfy all of our flavor needs and have a great line-up of seasonal beers. Barrio, Borderlands, Ten Fifty-Five, Sentinel Peak, and Iron John’s brewing companies have some of the best seasonal beers in town and have let us into their tap rooms.

1055Ten Fifty-Five Brewing was founded by a couple of friends that shared a bond over their passion for hand-crafted beer. Ten Fifty-Five Brewing first opened as a whole-sale brewery and later added a bar that has become the neighborhood’s favorite, filled with friendly faces and creative concoctions. This fall season, Ten Fifty-Five Brewing has released a delicious 100% Arizona-ingredient beer called Our Valentine. The owners are proud to introduce a beer made with barley grown in Marana by BKW Farms and wild hops found near Greer in the White Mountains. This delicious pale ale has been in the making for over a year, and it is finally here! A 100% Arizona-ingredient beer is a great step towards sustainable brewing in Arizona, so stop on by to drink and celebrate one of their exceptional treats.

BorderlandsLocated in the Warehouse Arts district another favorite local brewery resides, Borderlands Brewing Company. Borderlands officially opened its doors in December 2011 and has become a staple brewery of the downtown area. The owners take pride in Tucson as they incorporate many local ingredients into the beers and do their part to run a sustainable business. Borderlands’ brewers follow water and energy conservation techniques and donate spent grain to local farmers for chicken feed. As their website states, “Local beer is sustainable beer.” Now, let’s talk seasonal beer. Apricot Sour, Elderberry Sour, ChupacabrAle (pumpkin spice beer), and Las Almas Belgian Strong Ale are their upcoming seasonal beers. Las Almas Belgian Strong Ale is a beer created to support Many Mouths One Stomach’s All Souls Procession because part of its proceeds are donated to the organization. Stop by Borderlands and enjoy a beer while supporting Tucson’s traditions.

Another signature brewery in Tucson is Barrio Brewing Company which was originally founded in 1991 as Gentle Ben’s Brewing Company. One of their first brews is the famous Barrio Blonde which was first called Tucson Blonde, and it is the oldest continuously brewed beer in the history of Arizona. The owner’s, Dennis Arnold, passion, love and pioneer spirit for beer and food led to the creation of delicious craft beer. The “Dark Matters” program offers the Pumpkin Porter, Nolan’s Porter and Mocha Java Stout to the loyal Tucson community. The Pumpkin Porter is a spiced robust porter with a Nolan’s Porter base; and the delicious craft beer won a gold medal at the 2008 GABF. Barrio Brewing Company is inspired by the quality mindset derived from producing locally brewed craft ale. Barrio is committed in providing the community flavorful and fresh quality local beers. Stop by and enjoy the quality that inspires the Barrio team on a daily basis.

Sentinel PeakSentinel Peak Brewing Company opened its doors in January 2014; three local firefighters pursuing their dream of opening a brewery and the community embraced them with open arms. Sentinel Peak offers quality brews and a relaxed atmosphere for the whole family. Delicious food is made in the brewery to accompany their great beer creations. Their seasonal beers include Zucca Pazza Pumpkin Spice Ale, Oktoberfest and Solnitza Imperial Red. Pumpkin Spice Ale is “a mix of mom’s and grandma’s pumpkin pie recipes” with delicious roasted pumpkin and authentic spices. How amazing does that sound? The release of the Pumpkin Spice Ale is coming up in a couple of weeks! The inspiration for this beer and many others comes from their family, travels and suggestions from friends. Don’t miss out and make sure to order any of their seasonal creations.

Iron John'sIron John’s Brewing Company is all about small batches with great and unique flavors and have become Tucson connoisseurs as the brewery grows. Brewers at Iron John’s firmly believe that beer making is an artistic outlet that transforms ingredients into a memorable experience. One of their many beers with peculiar ingredients is their Fire & Flavor Green Chile Ale, green chile in a beer? Yes! It is a delicious beer with an applewood smoked pilsner and concentrate apple cider base that embraces the tangy earthiness of fire roasted Anaheim chiles. The final flavor is left with the amazing green chile aromas and without any of the heat. One of Iron John’s most popular seasonal beers, Dad’s Slice, is inspired by pumpkin pie and made with Apple Annie’s freshest sugar pumpkins. This delicious pumpkin wonder comes out a week before Thanksgiving, just in time to enjoy it with your loved ones!