Live Local with the Downtown Tucson Giftcard

This post was guest written by LFA Interns Lorena Contreras and Jessica Estrada Downtown Tucson is filled with local wonders that many Tucsonans have yet to discover. The Downtown Tucson Gift Card is now available online for purchase to share the gift of local living with a friend or loved one today! Over 70 local businesses accept the gift card in exchange for delicious food, beer, vintage items and more.

Pueblo Vida DTGCOne business accepting the Downtown Tucson Gift Card is Pueblo Vida. Established in 2014, Pueblo Vida is located in a historic space first built in 1918. The owners of Pueblo Vida are University of Arizona alumni and came back to Tucson to open a brewery after learning craft brewing in Seattle. They have many beers including their Breakfast Stout made with Yellow Brick Coffee’s cold brew and raw cacao. Visit their website to look at the current beer list. Seasonal beers are common in our local breweries and Pueblo Vida is no exception. They are currently featuring a Oktoberfest beer ready to enjoy during this fall season. Pueblo Vida also features delicious infusions crafted weekly from ideas by the brewers, customers and neighbors. The staff trusts and enjoys the input by the community that goes into their brews, but once the keg is out, it is gone! Make sure to stop by to grab a beer, and if you are hungry, do not be shy to bring your own food and enjoy the unique environment that Pueblo Vida brings to Tucson!

Downtown Clifton DTGCLike Pueblo Vida, The Downtown Clifton Hotel is a new and old Tucson treasure. Folks can use the Downtown Tucson Gift Card at the unique Downtown Clifton Hotel. First built in 1947 along former US Route 80, the hotel was beautifully restored in 2014.  Guests enjoy  a unique experience as each room has a different design. The owners embrace localism - offering locally made in-room treats like RBar’s, discounts to downtown bars and restaurants, and feature remarkable art for sale around the hotel by local artists. The location of the Downtown Clifton Hotel is perfect for visitors because they can walk or bike over to many nearby destinations to use their Downtown Tucson Gift Card at other participating establishments. The Downtown Clifton Hotel faces towards Barrio Viejo and has a wonderful view of "A" Mountain, allowing visitors to truly experience the beauty of Tucson. 

Looking for great local cuisine options?  Proper is an exceptional restaurant which accepts the Downtown Tucson Gift Card. The restaurant focuses on Proper DTGCpractices that are sustainable, local, and organic. When you use the Downtown Tucson Gift Card at Proper, you support many local businesses because Proper partners with so many local farmers, ranchers, and breweries. The quality of food found at Proper is outstanding and they take pride in all of their homemade dishes. Some delicious dishes Proper offers are Lemon Carnaroli, Roasted Chiltepin Sausage, Fried Green Tomatoes and more. Proper is currently hosting, Beer vs. Wine Diners, pairing great local beers and wines with a three course meal. Be sure to reserve your spot for the Beer vs. Wine series or just stop by and indulge in great food.

Riveted DTGCIf you are in a shopping mood, head over to Riveted Studio on Broadway, next to Ben’s Bells and make all of your vintage wishes come true. Jenni Pagano, designer and owner, opened the location in April. Walk into the shop and the sensation of creativity, and love of all things vintage, is felt throughout the room. All of the items for sale are either hand crafted, new or second-hand. Pagano used to park her vintage trailer around town and sell the items pop-up style. The new location has brought more opportunities to the business and Pagano loves “having vintage stuff in a repurposed vintage building.” Riveted accepts the Downtown Tucson Gift Card and the owner is enthusiastic about what the gift card could brings to the business. Give someone the Downtown Tucson Gift Card to buy  a handcrafted table, jewelry or unique decoration for their home. Riveted Studio is a great shop that encompasses creativity and passion in one small local business.

Hub Ice Creamery DTGCAs the weather begins to “cool down” , Hub Ice Cream Factory offers delicious treats to enjoy while strolling around downtown. Give the gift of Hub Ice Cream Factory to someone that makes your life sweet. Use a Downtown Tucson Gift Card to enjoy a delicious Wildcat Sundae (Vanilla ice cream, fresh berry sauce, whipped cream, cookie crunch), a house baked cookie, or a cone of one of their signature ice cream flavors, or all of the above! Signature flavors include Birthday Party, Bourbon Almond Brittle, Cookies and Cream and Mexican Wedding Cookie. Visit their website and take a look at their ice cream list. Hub is a proud local business and their “carefully crafted confections are a love letter to the Tucsonans who have supported” them throughout the years. The Hub Ice Cream Factory was founded to satisfy Tucsonan’s love of Hub Restaurant’s homemade frozen desserts. Sarahi, manager of Hub Ice Cream Factory, recalls her days as an Ice Cream girl at the Hub Restaurant and remembers how long people would wait in lines to enjoy Hub's ice cream. Hub Ice Cream Factory was created to satisfy everyone’s need for the delicious treat.

The Downtown Tucson Gift Card takes people throughout Downtown Tucson and gives them a sensational tour of the wonderful local businesses. Do not miss out on the opportunity to purchase a gift card for a coworker, friend, mailman or even for yourself this season!