National Food Day at The Farm at Agritopia

Celebrate National Food Day at Agritopia with us on October 24th, 2015!

logo-the-farm-at-agritopiaThe Farm at Agritopia is 15 acres of USDA certified organic farmland in the center of the Agritopia community in Gilbert, AZ. Join us for Food Day at the Farm in Gilbert this October 24th.

Food Day is a National holiday which inspires Americans to change their diets and our food policies. Every October 24, thousands of events happen around the country to celebrate real food and discuss food policies. This year the Healthy Local Food Initiative and the Local First Arizona Localist Program are inviting you, your family, and your friends to tour the urban farming community at The Farm at Agritopia and enjoy a locally harvested lunch delivered from Liberty Market.

The mission of The Farm at Agritopia is to be sustainable, educational, and feed the community with nutritious and high-quality produce. In addition to 100+ crops, there are sheep, chickens, and honeybees which play an integral role in the ecology of the farm.


This "B.Y.O.B" (Bring Your Own Blanket) Food Day begins at 10 AM on Saturday where we will meet Joe Johnson, the farm's founder, and Eric Schulz, the head farmer. Start the morning with freshly baked scones (made with dates grown on the farm!), mini muffins for kiddos & adults, and local coffee. After everyone is gathered and the coffee has warmed us up against the pleasant weather of a late October morning, Johnson and Schulz will guide a tour of the acreage. This tour will be fun, interactive, educational, and maybe even allow for some nibbles straight out of the ground!

After the tour, settle down in the grass on your blanket and enjoy a wholesome meal prepared by Liberty Market. Vegetarian options are available.

This day of relaxation, catered lunch, and education about sustainable farming is $15 for kids and $25 for adults. Tickets are available here.


The Healthy Local Food Initiative organizes events, partners with higher education, and works with the USDA to improve systems supporting healthy and sustainable foods in Arizona. Some of the keynote events hosted by the Healthy Food Initiative are Farmer + Chef Connection and Devoured Culinary Classic.

Eating food grown locally makes a positive local impact on your community. For every $10 spent on local food direct from the farm, CSA, and farmer's market, $8-9 can be retained by that family business. That means more of your food dollars are staying in the local economy and benefiting farmers and food entrepreneurs. When you choose to eat locally the food will travel less distance and pack more nutrition than processed alternatives, while building a vibrant community and protecting biodiversity in your region.

The Local First Foundation Healthy Local Food Initiative has recently made it easier to search for local Arizona farmers, food producers, farmer's markets, and CSA programs with the re-release of Good Food Finder AZ. This statewide online directory of local foods provides a hub where consumers, procurers, and other institutions can learn about and connect with Arizona’s local food providers in order to shorten food supply chains, improve access to local foods, and create a healthier, sustainable food system in Arizona. To learn more about what the Healthy Local Food Initiative does to progress food policies and access to healthy food, click here.

Local First Arizona believes in healthy local food and can't wait to celebrate Food Day 2015 with you!