An Expression of the Unknown

Flux Gallery is a flux gallerynew contemporary fine art and craft studio that opened in Jerome, Arizona in December of last year. Novie Trump, the founder of Flux Gallery, is a sculptor and installation artist, working mainly in ceramics. In her past, she was trained in archaeology at the University of North Carolina. Her work has been selected for exhibitions in the US and Europe and has been featured in many publications. Her curiosity is in fine art that discovers the literal and metaphorical unknown.

Secrets are an integral part of my work: the unopened box, the unbroken egg, the lost ritual, the illegible word, the empty cocoon. These are used to examine the intertwined relationships of light and dark, loss and hope, birth and death and rebirth again.”

flux gallery 3

Flux Gallery displays work from artists in the US and from other places in the world. Just recently Flux hosted, the very gifted, Philippa Whiteside, a ceramic artist from the UK. The medium she works in is porcelain.  Through Philippa's art she portrays femininity and beauty. Her art was displayed over the summer for three months. During Philippa’s visit to Jerome, she explored and incorporated color into her art.

Flux Gallery is an important local business in Jerome, Arizona that adds culture and flare to the town. It enlightens its crowd and allows the viewer and its hosted artists to explore art and most importantly, explore the unknown. Flux Gallery is located at 154 Main Streey Box 1116 in Jerome. For more information visit their website here.