EZBZ Makes it Easy to Connect with Local Business

EZBZ Screenshot Local First Arizona (LFA), a non-profit with the focus of empowering independently owned businesses statewide, has paired up with social concierge platform myEZBZ to connect their users to the EZBZ community. EZBZ, through its myEZBZ platform, allows users to easily find products or services by having local businesses bid on their requests.

For users who want to support businesses within the Local Arizona network, they are now able to go onto www.localfirstaz.com/myezbz and complete a request within the myEZBZ platform. Once a user has completed their request, including location and details of any possible request and applicable images, it is then sent out to all Local First Arizona businesses within the user’s area enrolled in myEZBZ.

Businesses who would like to enroll in the myEZBZ program can do so through Local First Arizona using a special code. Once a member of the myEZBZ community, businesses are able to respond to any user requests received through the application for the cost of just $1.00 per email. In comparison, a request submitted through a Google link costs $5.00 per click, a price not all businesses are able to afford.

Through this partnership, Local First Arizona offers day-to-day support to local businesses while the EZBZ, Inc. is offering the only technology that levels the playing field and allows small local businesses to succeed in the digital space. This is because with the myEZBZ platform, local businesses can compete with large corporations even if they do not have a website, search ranking or advertising budget. Accredited, reputable businesses are automatically offered the opportunity to bid on consumers’ needs using the myEZBZ platform, which is available via web, and for free download from the Apple App Store and in Google Play Store. This partnership is a part of EZBZ, Inc. founder and CEO Shana Schlossberg’s vision of aiding small business in the digital age.

EZBZ and Local First Arizona share the same vision of empowering local businesses by working to promote fairer online practices. Through our partnership with Local First Arizona, EZBZ will strengthen the businesses within the LFA network by helping them to transact online, thereby significantly growing their customer base,” said Schlossberg.

For Local First Arizona, an organization established to act as an advocate for independently owned business through community initiatives and by working to shape policy statewide, the EZBZ mission fits perfectly with their goals. For LFA, consumers using products such as my EZBZ have a greater impact that goes beyond helping small business owners prosper.

“When a consumer chooses a local business over a national chain, up to four times more money is captured by and recirculates in the local economy. Our partnership with EZBZ will help connect Arizonans with local businesses in a quick and easy way, offering value to our members and keeping dollars in the local economy. It's a win-win for everyone,” said Kimber Lanning, Director of Local First Arizona.

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