3 Unique Local Tools That Can Elevate Your Business

As a business owner, we know you wear many hats in operating your business. Thinking about marketing, customer service, employee trainings, accounting, and more can be daunting at times. Fortunately, there are many local companies who provide amazing products and services to elevate your business' success. Here are three examples of local business services that can help you take control of running your business:

1. Automate Your Marketing with Infusionsoft

It's no secret that Local First AZ loves InfusionSoft aninfusionsoftd that's because of how user friendly this web-based project management system is. Infusionsoft provides all-in-one tools for small businesses to manage email marketing, leads, social media, CRM, e-commerce, and more. In the LFA office, we use it to deliver our newsletters and maintain member data.


We also love Infusionsoft because of their commitment to small businesses. There are over 30,000 businesses saving time and being more productive with Infusionsoft's tools and national industry magazines have taken notice. Business 2 Community featured Infusionsoft as the #1 choice for Marketing Automation Software this year because of their combination of marketing power and user-friendly tools. On top of their tools to simplify your business's marketing platform, Infusionsoft also provides educational content to assist businesses with high-priority objectives such as attracting traffic, increasing sales, and delighting customers. Learn more about Infusionsoft here.

2. Train Employees Quickly with Trainual

trainual_color_smlTrainual is a brand new local business based and their service fulfills a huge opportunity for small businesses by automating the entire training and assessment process in one centralized location. The core features include an intuitive content editor, the ability to quickly invite users and assign curriculum, assessments to track employee understanding, and visual reports to hold employees accountable for progress. Automating the training process through Trainual can financially benefit a business by reducing the cost/time-investment necessary for onboarding. Businesses also reduce liability risks that may arise from untrained staff.


Trainual is ideal for businesses that have no training process in place, plan on scaling up soon, need to comply with strict industry regulations, or are interested in streamlining their current training program in a cost-effective way.

Local First AZ is excited to welcome Trainual as a Business Member and we are very excited to start producing training programs internally with eventual plans to use Trainual to optimize our new member experience. We have already brought on new staff who have completed the New Employee Trainual we put together to acquaint them with our organization, saving time for everyone by having all the information in one place. Learn more about Trainual here.

3. Keep Customers Happy with Pure Chat

1416480132_pureChatLogoNew (1)Pure Chat is the answer to connecting with customers that visit your website easily and effectively. Designed just for small business, Pure Chat's objective is to generate more leads and drive sales with a live chat option built into the screen. The chat box is quick to set up and can be added to your website in 3 minutes with plenty of customization options to design the perfect prompt for your audience. Pure Chat is interested in fitting seamlessly into your brand and schedule with the option to alter the time-frame of chat availability to fit your workday. If you work unconventionally, there is also the option to engage with customers through iOs, Andriod, and Kindle while on the go.

Pure Chat also provides Personal Chat Pages (a customizable, one-page website) for entrepreneurs that want to be immediately available for customers. Chat functionality is quicker than a phone call or email and invites your web-visitors to quickly receive info in the same way they would talk to their friends on Facebook. Forbes recently highlighted the Personal Chat Pages in 5 Ways To Reignite Your Business Life This Year as a potentially enormous difference-maker for someone actively seeking leads.

There are tons of custom widgets to choose from.

The best part? It's free! You can add the Pure Chat software to your website for free and experience up to 15 chat sessions per month. The upgrade from this package offers unlimited chat sessions for $4.99 per user per month. It can be added via a plugin on third party sites or integrated into marketing management systems such as Infusionsoft. Learn more about Pure Chat.

Looking for more local business services to help you succeed at your business? Check out our online directory featuring 2,700 local businesses across the state.