Give the Gift of Living Local with the Downtown Tucson Gift Card

unnamedGift giving season is approaching fast, but it just got a lot easier to shop for your family and friends in Tucson. The Downtown Tucson Partnership and Local First Arizona have partnered with InstaGift to create the Downtown Tucson Gift Card. Good at any participating Downtown business, this eGift Card allows you to treat all of Downtown as one experience, so rather than choosing between the many gift-worthy businesses in Downtown, you can buy an eGift Card for your loved ones and let them enjoy. This eGift Card, available for purchase year-round at, works like any gift card you might buy with one small difference: it’s completely digital. Simply download the InstaGift app onto your smart phone and you can virtually access, view, and redeem your card.

Caitlin Jensen, Marketing and Public Relations Manager at the Downtown Tucson Partnership, says, “When you buy the Downtown Tucson Gift Card, you’re giving the gift of a Downtown experience. The recipient can enjoy a night on the town, catch a show, shop, and experience everything Downtown has to offer.”

The eGift Card, unlike a printed gift card, goes everywhere you do, reducing the odds that you might forget you have it and eliminating the possibility of losing it entirely, since you are able to access your account from any phone with InstaGift.

SmallWonders2Over 70 businesses Downtown are accepting the eGift Card, meaning you can have lunch at Proper, go shopping at Hydra, then get a drink at Hotel Congress, all using the same gift card. The full list of all participating businesses can be found at

Margo Susco, owner of Hydra, loves the card. “We thought it was a wonderful idea,” she said. “We need more promotions like this and I hope everyone gets on board.”

For all the fun you can have with the card, perhaps the best part is the good you’ll do for Tucson’s economy. You’ll be giving an authentic Tucson experience, as every participating business is authentically Tucson and locally-owned.

“This is a great opportunity to support businesses that create a unique and vibrant community,” says Erika Mitnik-White, Southern Arizona Director of Local First Arizona. “By buying gift cards for locally owned businesses, we invest in the Tucson we want."

"Shifting your spending from national to locally owned businesses creates new jobs and keeps up to four times more money in the local economy," said Kimber Lanning, Director of Local First Arizona. "This gift card will support over 70 locally owned businesses and contribute to theunnamed (1) overall prosperity and growth of the entire city of Tucson."

But more importantly, you’re giving a Downtown experience that will be completely different, but equally awesome, for each person who uses it. What more could you ask for in a gift?