When Accurate Data is Key, Think WestGroup Research

Chris Frailey Photography  |  www.chrisfrailey.comHave you ever thought about how well your customer will like your product, before spending a ton of money on development? Or how about whether your customers are even noticing you? Westgroup Research in Phoenix is your one-stop-shop for gaining incredibly valuable insights to better focus your business resources. Their top of the line facility allows for large capacity focus groups, harnessing the power of data for pre/post advertising testing, website visibility, public opinion to help you understand your client demographic more accurately. Remember on the AMC show Mad Men when the characters would hold focus groups? Westgroup does that! At our August Evening Mixer members got the chance to be on the other side of the glass  - and it was amazing! Leather seats and tiered seating makes for comfortable observation, but Westgroup keeps it professional - no popcorn, sorry!

WGRImageMembers chatted and enjoyed Paella, Samosa and California veggie empanadas prepared by Sydney's Café in Tempe while enjoying a relaxing chair massage with masseuse, Jaren Winteroff. Gathering our members together for announcements, we turned it over to Local First Arizona Board Member, Tony Felice of Tony Felice PR & Image Management, to speak about the local movement. Taking the opportunity to inspire members, Tony left us with six easy and affordable actions to support the local movement:

1. Ask prospective vendors to join Local First if they want to work with you. 2. When having lunch with colleagues, be sure to take the lead and suggest something local. 3. Buy a localist memberships for your family members for the holidays. 4. Instead of offering a discount, Create an "experience" with another local business and promote it through Local First. 5. Rent a booth at the Local Festival and do a kids activity to get attention. 6. Ask your family members to take a pledge to shop a local business on Black Friday.

Tony added, "When a client wants to do business with me, I tell them to join Local First Arizona before we can start working together." This step creates more power for the local movement and a louder voice for our community of local business owners!

We want to thank WestGroup Research for hosting us and to Sydney's Café for providing the delicious empanadas. For a complete video recap of our August mixer, check out our Animoto below!


Join us for "September Switch" where we're encouraging individuals and businesses to make the switch to local banks and credit unions. And on September 16th, James Christensen and his team at Gateway Bank will host the next evening mixer in Mesa!  Click here for more information and to RSVP

Thank you to all those in attendance:

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