Arizona Grown Hops Create A Tasty Local Beer

hops2Have you ever fallen in love with the taste of fresh local hops in a craft beer? Have you ever had the opportunity to even try fresh hops? Unless you have been on a vacation out of state the answer to these two question may be no, but soon they can be a yes. There is good news for local beer connoisseurs of Arizona; Granite Mountain Brewing, in Prescott, has acquired fresh Arizona grown hops to produce a truly unique, local beer. These local hops have been delicately harvested from a farm in Chino Valley. The grower in Chino Valley first planted almost 400 plants on five acres a couple of years ago as a hobby that soon turned into a passion. This summer was the first year that the IMG_3286plants were ready for harvest and Granite Mountain Brewing knew just what to do. With each hop cone being carefully selected and hand-picked, the folks at Granite Mountain Brewing have crafted a one-time limited release craft brew series called #3 Pale. “The local hops went into our anniversary brew: #3 Pale. The pale was dry-hopped with 36 oz of Cascade hop. Dry-hopping is like steeping tea, but with hops, and is done after initial fermentation. This adds aroma and flavor to the beer, without adding bitterness.”

Fresh hop beers are typically brewed with hops that are picked and thrown in the brew kettle within 24-hours. Fresh hop beers give brewers the chance to work with an ingredient in its most natural state, resulting in unique flavors and aromas compared to beers made with hops that have been dried and stored. That is the essence behind #3 Pale.

“Damon and I fell in love with fresh hop beer during a trip to the Seattle area a couple of years ago. We were fortunate to be sitting at the bar at Hale's Ale Brewery when their brewer brought in a sample of their fresh hopped beer. It was outstanding - grassy, citrusy and bright, so aromatic. We're thrilled that our hop guy chose us to work with exclusively”

hops3Craft beer lovers are thrilled as well. The opportunity to try something new and fresh made right here in Arizona is simply too good of a chance to pass up. So stop in, say hello and ask all about their new local hops brew. Granite Mountain Brewery is located at 123 N. Cortez Street in downtown Prescott. They are open Wednesday through Sunday with varying hours. The offer a food menu in addition to the craft beer selection. Check out their website here for more information on hours and events.