Total Transit Driver Recognized as National “Driver of the Year”

Congratulations to this local business employee on his national recognition! 

Total Transit, Incimage00. is a locally owned business founded in 1984 and based out of Glendale. Total Transit is the parent company of Discount Cab, one of the largest cab companies in the United States, operating a fleet of more than 1,100 cabs. It's even easier to connect with a driver now using the Total Transit App.

Choosing a local company made a difference in this driver's life and continues to positively impact the Arizona economy. There are tons of choices out there in the LFA Directory to go local in every aspect of life- even hailing a cab!

Discount Cab driver Al Tracy has been recognized as the 2015 Taxicab Driver of the Year by the Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Association (TLPA).

Tracy will receive his award at the TLPA national convention on Oct. 28 in Las Vegas. “I can’t wait to go,” Tracy said. “I was totally surprised when I got the news, because I didn’t even know I was nominated. When my supervisors called me into their office, I thought I was in trouble!”

Tracy was selected from a membership of hundreds of fleets across North America and around the world, according to the TLPA. Tracy considers himself a “people person” and strives to help his passengers as much as possible. This attribute, he says, is likely why he was nominated for the honor.

Tracy started driving for Discount Cab in September 2011. “I liked the fact that I could work at my own pace and call my own shots,” Tracy said. “I also enjoy being a driver adviser and teaching new drivers. I love when they come to me for help or advice.”

Friday and Saturday nights are busy and entertaining for Tracy, he recently said. “I’ve had two celebrities in my cab over the past few years. Last night I had [Phoenix Suns announcer] Tom Leander, which was cool because I recognized him from his voice as I’m a huge Suns fan. I also had [Matchbox 20 lead vocalist] Rob Thomas a few years back. His song came on the radio, and he was surprised to hear it. I asked if he was a fan of the group, and he said that he was Rob Thomas. I didn’t believe him, so he pulled out his driver’s license to prove it.”

Congrats to Al Tracy and Total Transit!

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