Fuerza Local Spotlight: Brandon Ornelas, Breezy Pop

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Brandon Ornelas is the owner of Breezy Pop, a local business that produces ice pops inspired by the seasonal and traditional ingredients of Mexican and Latin American kitchens. Brandon uses only natural ingredients to create flavors that range fromTropical Pineapple to Rompope Tradicional, a special Mexican eggnog. In bringScreenshot 2015-08-19 11.58.25ing these sweet, tart and rich flavors to his customers, Brandon hopes to give people a small taste of the rich history, culture and beauty of Mexico and Latin America. Brandon is a graduate of the 4th Fuerza Local business accelerator class, and the youngest entrepreneur to complete the program.

“The idea for Breezy Pop came from my “Abuelita Coco”. She is well known in our town of Villa Hidalgo, Jalisco, Mexico for her homemade ice pops. What inspired me to start my business was to bring the history and culture of Latin America (including Mexico) to our young generation. Latin America has many rich and beautiful qualities that many people are not aware of. Iwas also motivated by the idea of inspiring more youth to start businesses. There are many advantages to starting young!”

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Connect with Breeze Pop by calling (623) 850-1231 or visiting www.BreezyPop.com. You can also find them on Facebook or Instagram!