Channeling The Inner Child

Lulubell 1Images via @lulubellluke

Throw back to those childhood days when you were a kid obsessed with collecting Garbage Pail Kids cards and the entire set of figurines from your favorite cartoon series and movies. A visit to Lullubell Toy Bodega, a quirky toy store located in Mesa is sure to reignite those fun-filled childhood memories with its collection of vintage and new toys, as well as plush & resin toys, t-shirts, books, artwork, and more. The owners, Luke and Amy, have brought their personal love and obsession for designer toys to life with this hip brick and mortar/online shop, and what a delightful experience it is.

Lulubell3 Lulubell 2Images via @lulubellluke

Combing across the world to bring some of the rarest and most eclectic items to the Valley, Luke and Amy are making it possible for the casual to the most avid toy collectors to finally get their hands on hard-to-find designer vinyl and kaiju collections, as well as some of the most coveted art pieces. Their love of toys also translates to an exceptional customer experience and one of the friendliest staff in the toy world. If you’re just getting into the spirit of things, or looking for something for that kid-at-heart person, swing by the shop and pick up a blind box, which is a box sealed with a mystery toy. You won’t know what toy you are getting until you open it up! For example you could open five blind boxes and get five different figures, or five the same, or two the same & three different, perhaps a really rare one and four common ones…you get the idea? It’s the thrill of the suspense and luck of the draw, which is just another layer of what makes this toy boutique a fun and adventurous pit stop. Whether you're looking for something specific, or you're interested in exploring, visit their website to spark your curiosity.

Written by Somlynn Rorie