Local Tucson business in the video spotlight

This post guest written by LFA Intern, Loran Shamis. Tucson has recently become a reoccurring spotlight story as one of the new cities to be in the United States. Tucsonans, are extremely familiar with the breathtaking sunsets, eccentric artists, trendy bar scene and the restaurants with photo worthy dishes. However, in the past, Tucson has rarely been nationally acknowledged as a vivacious city prepared to incubate young professionals. Two examples of recent Tucson shout outs receiving large-scale attention are Jeep’s video series featuring exciting cities who are quickly rising in popularity across America and Randy Houser’s new “We Went” music video.


Jeep has created a video series called Side Streets that reveals some of the American cities currently gaining popularity. Tucson is the headline of one of these Side Street videos as well as Portland, San Antonio, Boulder and Oakland. The Tucson episode illuminates some of the key innovators of which we are most proud. Of those members Tony Ford, the VP of Startup Tucson, explains how he helps to incubate startups for young professionals. Anna Perreira, owner and founder of Yellow Brick Coffee, is another ambitious representative of the culture of Tucson. She not only roasts exceptional coffee but has also made it her mission to tell the stories of those who grew the beans, whomever and where ever they may be.


Houser’s aspiration for his “We Went” video was to depict Tucson as a historically significant rather than the classic Wild West saga it has repetitively portrayed in the past. He included scenes of himself and Caitlin Leahy, his faithful sidekick, dancing and swaying to the Jukebox in the Tap Room at Hotel Congress, passing out stolen money to deliver to the poor at the Saint Augustine Cathedral in Downtown Tucson, and caught gambling at the Casino Del Sol Resort before participating a police chase in Cochise County. The video also included scenes of the Good Deed Bandits overlooking the Tucson landscape, helping to illustrate the close proximity the city has to nature.

Tucson is quickly on the rise to becoming “the new place to be” and occurrences such as these are proving the strength of its community. Not only are companies featuring Tucson as a culturally unique city but they are also using its local businesses as examples of what Tucson is doing right. Tucsonans can look forward at the bright future ahead as the stories of Tucson are spread across the nation.