NewSpring Pharmacy: Not your Grandma's Drugstore (But It Should Be!)

This blog post was written by LFA Business Sustainability Intern, Jose Urteaga DSC_0063If you’re like me, you probably hate those monthly, sometimes even bimonthly, visits to the pharmacy. It could be because you have to go and wait half an hour to renew your expensive medicine, or because your current medicine’s ingredients are having side effects that are even worse than your actual condition. Or is it because they try to sell you every vitamin and nutrient known to the human race while in fact you may not need any? Whatever the case may be, pharmacy visits can be annoying… until now! NewSpring Pharmacy in Avondale will give you better cash prices, accept all insurances, provide optimized supplementation, and even have their own state of the art compounding facility.

NewSpring works with their wholesalers to receive the best possible prices and then are able to pass down those great prices to their customers.  In fact, a survey by the Maine Department of Human Services found that of 106 independent and chain pharmacies, the ten lowest priced pharmacies were all locally owned! 

IMG_5468Although both Brand and Generic medications are available at NewSpring, this innovative pharmacy is partnering with employers to provide a generic drug “Affordable Meds Program” to employees who are taking long-term medications. Although the medications may look different than the more expensive brand name drug, they contain the same active ingredients, which means you’re receiving the same medicine for a better price. Additional group wellness services are also available. Don’t have time between work, picking up the kids from school, and taking them to soccer or orchestra practice? NewSpring understands the struggles of a busy parent, which is why they offer to ship your medication directly to your home. NewSpring is all about personal connections, and it doesn’t stop there.

A huge craze sweeping the nation right now is supplementation. Chances are either you or someone you know takes some sort of vitamin or mineral or oil supplement. But how do you know if you really need it? And do you need every single ingredient in there? Those questions are easily answered by NewSpring Pharmacy’s micronutrient testing. They have partnered with SpectraCell Laboratories to offer an accurate method of assessing a body’s nutrient deficiencies. A person’s diet unfortunately is usually not enough to supply the body with proper nutrition, but it’s possible you do receive a good amount of nutrients from your food. This testing allows you to find out specifically which nutrients your body is in need of which in turn allows you to make the right decision as far as which nutrients to supplement. By now it’s clear; NewSpring Pharmacy is there for you.

DSC_0015NewSpring is one of only a few pharmacies in all of Arizona to have a state-of-the-art compounding lab on-site! What is medication compounding? This simply means that the medication can be modified in order to meet the specific needs of an individual. For example,

  • You may need more or less of the active ingredient in a medication, or maybe you need a cream instead of a tablet; NewSpring can work with your doctor to customize these meds for your individual needs.
  • If your medication includes an ingredient such as lactose that your body is not able to digest properly, they can work with your doctor to alter the medication in such a way that excludes lactose but keeps all of the active components being used to treat your condition.

Dr. Lucas Nyabero, CEO and Lead Pharmacist, has a vision to ensure the individual needs of each and every single patient are met or exceeded. And it doesn’t matter if the Newriver Pharmacy-5patient is a human or a pet… because what dog wouldn’t want his medication to come in beef flavored chewy treats!

The way NewSpring Pharmacy operates provides a template which other pharmacies should strive to emulate. Their compassionate, timely, and relentless effort to personalize their services to you are characteristics that, arguably, should be a part of any business; not just pharmacies. Find out more about NewSpring Pharmacy by visiting their website at or by giving them a call at 623-932-9800.

Images via NewSpring Pharmacy