Localist Program Launches in Flagstaff to Thunderous Response

localist_member_events_badge-(1)Party in the Pines

Party in the Pines 1 Last Friday, people from all over the state made their way up to Flagstaff to enjoy "Party in the Pines", the official launch party of The Localist Program, Local First Arizona's individual membership program. The party was at a Flagstaff favorite, Criollo Latin Kitchen, where Localists enjoyed street tacos, specialty margaritas, and live music by Heartwood.

So what is the Localist Program anyway? It's a way to connect locally-minded individuals Party in the Pines 2to our unique and exciting local businesses, statewide! As a Localist, you get exclusive deals and invites to one-of-a-kind events like a tour of the Tovrea Castle in Phoenix, Private Shopping Hour and Style Session at Fed by Threads in Tucson, or a Local Pub Crawl in Flagstaff. Localists that signed up in Flagstaff on Friday also received 10% off a future purchase from Mountain Sports, and will be invited to participate in a Twitter Treasure Hunt with Bookmans in November, but more on that later.

On Friday, Localists enjoyed hourly giveaways, plus Criollo's famous street tacos (pork, beef, and veggie!), as well as amazing house margaritas, including watermelon, Cucumber, and Jalapeno/Mint varieties.

party in the pines6We also got to learn from Chef Flip about Criollo's sustainability and local sourcing practices. Flip talked about how they source veggies from McClendon's (A fantastic local organic farm), and while gesturing with a tomato said "You see this tomato? It was on the vine yesterday. You just don't get that kind of quality from national or international chains, where they could have picked those tomatoes 6 months ago and just coated them in wax." He also brought out a chicken that use to prepare tortilla soup, and other signature dishes. He informed us that the chicken he would be cooking on Friday, was alive in the pasture on Wednesday.

Experiences like this are what makes the Localist Program so special and so unique. Party in the Pines 7Gathering a community together, learning from our neighbors, supporting each other, and growing hometown pride is what being an #AZLocalist is all about.

Local First Arizona is thrilled to be expanding the Localist Program to Flagstaff, and we are eager to partner with our existing members, and bring new members into the fold! If you are a business owner looking to host a Localist event, email Localist Program Coordinator Jenny Strickland at [email protected] Also, if you're interested in becoming a localists, simply click here to register today!

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