Feed 4 For 4

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What started off as a personal goal of feeding a family of four for four days has evolved into a unique, non-profit organization that helps the Working Poor gain access to vital community resources so that they can first make ends meet, pull ahead and ultimately realize self-sufficiency.  Feed 4 for 4 has adopted a holistic approach, with the 4 standing for how the organization collaborates with its agency partners; to feed, house, educate and find jobs.

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Images via Feed 4 For 4

Feed 4 for 4 was founded by local entrepreneur Mark Mertel, who believes that as Feed 4 for 4 focuses equally on improving lives and increasing the awareness of a sponsor's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) -  the impact for both is tremendous, positively impacting both the lives of the Working Poor and increasing a sponsors' brand awareness and the amount of CSR in Arizona, which will ultimately enhance our community. Through generous donations from sponsors, Feed 4 for 4 funds the Arizona agencies that provide food, clothing, housing, health and medical assistance, literacy classes, GED classes, job skills training and job placement. In return for their sponsorships, the organization provides sponsors with strategic marketing efforts that include a multitude of promotions to their one million followers, praising their CSR efforts. To learn more about this wonderful organization and to see Feed 4 for 4 in action, click here.

Written by Somlynn Rorie