August is a Great Time to be a Localist (x5)

localist_member_events_badge-(1)With the lower regions in Arizona heating up to well above triple digits, we've cranked up the chances to stay cool throughout the state with FIVE Localist Events in the month of August! In a month with no holidays, there are plenty of opportunities to celebrate local businesses and we've invited the whole state! There are events for whatever you might be into, ranging from a huge Northern AZ party to a luxurious spa day to a down home country luau! Some of the following events are open to the public so check out what's happening in your region (or further.. how about a Staycation?) and join in the fun!

xg112-71dfb3cd-9033-4ebb-973e-42fc4f1c9f3e-v21. Party in the Pines- Open to the Everyone! We are officially launching the Localist Program in Flagstaff on August 7th at Criollo Flagstaff, and we want you to come celebrate with us! FREE to attend. This event features Chef Flip's welcome, live original music by Heartwood, art opening of local artist Tanner Jensen, bar, delicious street taco specials, a raffle with awesome local prizes, and everyone's invited! Read more and RSVP online here!

2. Summer Dessert Social- Open to Everyone! End summer on a sweet note with us at The Gladly in Phoenix as we host an exclusive Summer Dessert Social in The Gladly's private dining room! This is an incredible opportunity to interact directly with and sample unique, signature desserts from six of the Valley's top local chefs, including Chef Bernie Kantak of Citizen Public House and The Gladly, Chef Justin Beckett of Beckett's Table and Southern Rail, Chef Doug Robson of Otro Cafe, and more! Read more online here!

xg112-849fbcbc-bd9f-4aec-8ba8-0002332650ff-v23. Localist Spa Day The Hotel Valley Ho invites Localists to spend a relaxing day unwinding in Scottsdale on August 19th. This event features a 60-minute yoga flow class, chocolates and wine, and three 10-minute treatments of your choice that include options like Quiet Mind Neck + Scalp Massage, Inspired Action Facial Cleanse, and Inner Peace Reflexology.  This event is being offered to Localists for the steal of $40 a person to enjoy an evening of "beat-the-heat" relaxation. RSVP online here!

4. Backstage with Inspiración Flamenca - Open to Everybody! On August 28th, you're invited to take part in an exclusive pre-show talk and backstage tour of Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts to learn about the powerful and passionate dance of Flamenco. Julia Chacon will highlight the rich history of flamenco, reveal details about the inspiration behind her company, and display the technical elements that bring a show to life. $15 includes both the pre-show (5:30pm) and the performance (8pm). Read more and RSVP online here!

And last but not least...

5. Cowboy Monsoon Luau at the Downtown Clifton $100 Localist price includes hotel room at Downtown Clifton Hotel in Tucson (for two!), full luau (for two!), access to the MOCA Pools (for two!), and a complimentary breakfast at 5 Points Market [You guessed it (for two!)] There is also a $10 ticket to join us for the luau catered by Mama’s Hawaiian BBQ which is open to the public! This deal is stuffed to the brim with local business and fun and is an amazing chance to experience Tucson on August 29th-30th. Read more and RSVP online!