Medieval Meets Modern at Superstition Meadery

IMG_20150722_132645_788Know in the ancient histories of  Europe, Africa and Asia, and consumed as early as 1100 BC, mead has often been considered the ancestor of all fermented drinks. Remarkably, this historical beverage can still be enjoyed today right here in downtown Prescott at Superstition Meadery. IMG_20150722_133514_565Superstition Meadery specializes in hard cider and mead, a wine fermented from honey. Having introduced over 50 unique meads and hard ciders in just three year, this meadery is quickly gaining international attention. Superstition Meadery is known for the quality of their product. So much so, that not only can you find it locally here in Arizona, but you can even purchase it in Singapore, Copenhagen, Thailand and Japan. With mead fermented from 100% Arizona honey it is no surprise that these flavorful beverages are enjoyed world wide.

The tasting room at Superstition Meadery stays true to the historical description of a medieval meadery but brings in a modern twist that makes for a truly unique experience. The room itself is located at 120 W. Gurley St in Prescott, specifically at the underground level of the building. Placed underground, the low lights, soft seating, open-faced fermenting room and the honeycomb integration into the decor will give you a sense of excitement as you are about to experience something wonderfully unique.

IMG_20150724_220805The knowledgeable and friendly staff will tell you everything you to need to know about their mead and hard ciders. With flavors ranging from dry to sweet, you are guaranteed to find something that will entice your taste buds. Check out the video below to learn about the mead makers latest project, The White Series. This series consists of four specialty meads; a Berry White, Blue Berry White, Straw Berry White and Black Berry White. For more information on these meads and more take a look at Superstition Meadery's website here. Come out and try something new, you won't regret stopping by!