Fuerza Local Spotlight: Meet Diego Rios

Diego Rios is the owner of The King Carpet Cleaning, a local business that delivers professional carpet and tile cleaning services throughout the Phoenix metro areaScreenshot 2015-07-29 11.27.47. Since 2010, Rios has been committed to providing quality and efficient cleaning services to all clients. Rios takes special commitment to customer service and sees cleaning as a way to  improve the environment and the health and well being of all people. Rios is a graduate of the third Fuerza Local business accelerator class.

Screenshot 2015-07-29 11.27.26“Hi, my name is Diego Rios and I am the owner of The King Carpet Cleaning…we chose this name because it is easy to remember and it helps us stay on the top of our clients’ minds for further referral . We are committed to building strong relationships with our clients and our community, by providing good services at a reasonable price. Our company is focused on quality and social responsibility, and that is why we are proud members of Fuerza Local."

Connect with The King Carpet Cleaning by visiting www.thekingcarpetcleaning.com, emailing [email protected], or by calling 623.205.2499.

Every Wednesday, we bring you stories of dedicated business owners who are creating opportunities and vibrant communities through entrepreneurship. Stay tuned for more stories from our Fuerza Local members. 

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