CO+HOOTS is Representing Arizona in Startup Federation

5186CO+HOOTS is a shared office location in downtown Phoenix that promotes collaboration and provides a professional, self-sustaining space to grow and nurture entrepreneurialism. Creatives, entrepreneurs and small businesses of all areas flock there to be a part of the growing vibrancy of downtown Phoenix. As a community of local-minded and business-focused people, we are able to collaborate on projects, share resources and generate more successful businesses. CO+HOOTS was chosen to represent Arizona in Startup Federation, a global network of the world’s top incubators and coworking spaces. The federation seeks to build density globally and build an ecosystem that transcends geographic boundaries so that our world’s most promising entrepreneurs and young companies can access the resources they need to scale regardless of the city they choose to call home.

CO+HOOTS, home to more than 200 local small businesses, is excited to represent Arizona in the global Startup Federation.

“We’re honored to be representing Arizona for the Startup Federation and incredibly excited to see what new collaborations will come of this partnership,” said CO+HOOTS Founder Jenny Poon. “We have such great talent here in Phoenix and to be able to give entrepreneurs here access to global resources in a world that is becoming so borderless will truly push innovation for all industries.

The vision of Startup Federation to support global entrepreneurship is directly in line with that of CO+HOOTS Foundation’s focus area to build a global network of mentors and resources to support entrepreneurs. CO+HOOTS Foundation, which is the nonprofit arm of CO+HOOTS, also hosts CO+EXCHANGES, a global exchange program and will offer this program for Startup Federation members to participate in the future.

The alliance will broaden the network the CO+EXCHANGES program has, and in turn bring innovative minds from around the world to Phoenix to address local and global issues. It will also help connect CO+HOOTS to coworking spaces around the world for Phoenix entrepreneurs to visit and collaborate.

 Localist Logo Red Heart State SquareCongratulations to CO+HOOTS and check out all the local co-working spots in Phoenix and Tucson here!