A Healthy Plan

Meritus 1Image via Meritus

Navigating through the confusing world of health insurance options can be an obstacle for small businesses, non-profits, and individuals located in Arizona. But thanks to Meritus, Arizona’s only health insurance cooperative (co-op), headquartered in Tempe, individuals and organizations can find the perfect health insurance plan that is not only affordable, but convenient and efficient for members and providers.

Meritus 2Image via Meritus

Meritus is a non-profit, member governed health insurance cooperative dedicated to providing affordable, innovative health insurance solutions to small businesses, non-profits and individuals in Arizona.  Meritus’ goal is to promote wellness, lower healthcare costs, and provide unparalleled access to quality healthcare.  Meritus strives to maintain lower premiums and enhanced services for its members, implementing member-centric offerings such as wellness programs, chronic disease management, mental health services and integrated care. If you’re searching for a new kind of healthcare then Meritus is right up your alley. Visit their website to learn more about the insurance cooperative.

Written by Somlynn Rorie