3 New Ways to Shop Locally

49588a84f0effe2a366842f681a5a77aShopping local might sometimes get a bad reputation for being more difficult. The benefits are obvious, shopping locally supports your community with 73% of your dollar spent at a local company staying in the local economy (compared to only 43% when you shop at a national chain) but finding the right local business for your needs or wants could seem overwhelming. It shouldn't anymore though with the local movement present on the web- you can shop local from your couch. There are now three virtual sites to streamline your local buying power. EZBZ Inc., Pikfly, and Scott's Marketplace are all online marketplaces that exist to make local services and products easily accessible and more convenient. All the goods available on these 3 sites are locally sourced making it possible to positively impact your community and state with one click.

Learn more about these 3 new ways to shop local from inside your house!

mzl.qyazxilo1. EZBZ is a virtual marketplace connecting customers to the local business that fits their needs. Pooled from over 2,500 local businesses, users can create inquiries for products and services and send them directly to applicable companies to be bid on. In their inquiries, users describe the product or service they are looking for, their location, and can designate a time-frame and budget. Then, normally within a day, users are then notified by email and/or text messages about responses to their inquiries.

This local business powerhouse is a huge time-saver for users! Instead of spending the time doing research on what's out there, with EZBZ you only need to spend a few minutes filling out the simple form to be connected with local companies that want to work with you. You can read more in-depth about this innovative portal here.

pikfly2-300x2512. Pikfly is an online marketplace where consumers can shop neighborhood stores from the comfort of their home. Based in Phoenix, AZ PikFly is committed to supporting local businesses by making it easy for shoppers to catch the deals from their favorite local shop AND enjoy same-day delivery. Pikfly has more than 60 local merchants on their online marketplace and stocks everything from jewelry to e-cigs.

Besides supporting the local shops and business, Pikfly is using an innovative method of delivery to employ locals as their delivery-driving Navigators. In a process similar to ride-sharing, Pikfly registers safe, local drivers to drop off purchases and allows them to create their own schedule, giving locals an opportunity for supplemental income.

50lD13. Scott's Marketplace brought together all the local businesses you love - from your current city, your hometown and your favorite vacation spot - and puts their products right on your screen. Each time you purchase from a business at Scott's Marketplace, you pay the seller directly, thus sending your money to the very community you want to support. To start shopping, you set your preferred location and can then browse the independent businesses in that region.

The listings come from businesses and entrepreneurs in your selected region- some without a store front- and connect you to the cool, unique things your community is producing. Only independent businesses are able to sell their goods on Scott's Marketplace so it's guaranteed that the goodies you buy will be benefiting the community you're shopping in.

Localist Logo Red Heart State SquareShopping locally has honestly never been easier! Armed with the sites above, you have the power to make a positive economic impact without leaving your living room! Learn more about how beneficial shopping locally can be here.