RetroTrek Celebrates Tucson in Vintage Style for Modern Travelers

Tucson-LuggageTag This post guest written by LFA Intern, Kendra Gramlich In June 2007, Dale DeNunzio noticed an old fashioned steamer trunk and envisioned the idea of creating destination-specific luggage stickers for both the novice and experienced traveler. After meeting up with Pete Marenfield, a creative local artist, RetroTrek Souvenirs and Gifts was born. Since its inception the company has learned from consumers and expanded. Now specializing in creating unique postcards, luggage tags, magnets and more with a retro aesthetic, RetroTrek’s designs focus on popular, one-of-a-kind local destinations in Tucson. Dale's outstanding customer service has also made him popular with many local tourism destinations, who love to showcase RetroTrek products in their gift shops.

For most of his adult life Dale has worked for others. So, becoming a small business owner was a new experience for him. Dale says he has learned a lot and developed a thick skin throughout the process of creating his own business. Dale’s former career allowed him to work anywhere in the US and after living all over he chose Tuscon, AZ to make his home. His love of the area is seen in the way he reflects the community through his work.

Retrotrek NoteCards2As a business that celebrates Tucson through vintage styled artwork, RetroTrek Souvenirs and Gifts , helps foster the unique sense of place that is so important to building a strong, local community. At Local First Arizona, we know, based on National studies, that where folks feel a strong attachment and pride in where they live, it yields huge benefits to the community in terms of higher GDP, increased voter turnout and even higher taxes paid. RetroTrek Souvenirs and Gifts helps cultivate the sense of Tucson as a unique and special place that we celebrate.

RetroTrek Souvenirs and Gifts also supports other local business owners in turn. The company uses local printer, The Gloo Factory, to produce their colorful postcards. Dale discovered the importance of using local printers as he is able to visit the shop and make changes necessary to things like color and print size. In addition, RetroTrek Souvenirs and Gifts uses local businesses to produce their magnets and posters. Dale stresses that the community has been a wonderful support to him in his endeavors, and, because of this, he is more than happy to give back.

Happy Holidays2If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the out-of-towner or the local-lover – look no further! RetroTrek Souvenirs and Gifts postcards and magnets are the perfect and unique gift for any occasion. It’s never too early to think about Christmas gifts either. The “Happy Holidays Hotel Congress” is one of Dale’s favorites. Find these wonderful local treasures at Pima Air and Space Museum, Tohono Chul, Antigone Books, Bookmans Entertainment Exchange and more.