5 Reasons Why #PHXIndieBowl Rocks and Rolls

This past Sunday, twenty-eight bowling teams from all across the valley came out to the 5th Somewhat Annual Phoenix Independents Bowl, hosted at Let It Roll Bowl! Presented by Psyko Steve + Local First Arizona, this (somewhat) annual all-ages bowling tournament is a great way to kick back and enjoy a "Sunday Funday" the local way! To say that this is the best bowling tournament ever is not a case of inflated hubris, we assure you. And we've gathered five great reasons to prove why #PHXIndieBowl rocks and rolls!


Macho MenLet's get one thing straight: Bowlers are not required or instructed to come in coordinating costumes or shirts, but to our amusement and delight, they do!

Team spirit comes alive with incredible themed costumes and hilarious team shirts like the Macho Men of Upwards Projects, (pictured), who channeled The Village People for this iconic look!

In addition to snagging third place overall, The Macho Men also took home our new "Best Dressed Team" award - gift cards to Bookmans Entertainment Exchange!


LetItRollBowlNo one, that's who. You may not get out to bowl every weekend, but chucking a heavy ball down a straight lane is something folks of all ages and skill levels enjoy to no end.

In addition to hosting the Phoenix Independents Bowl each year, our wonderful partners, Let It Roll Bowl & Entertainment, host corporate events, retirement parties, wedding receptions and birthday parties. Turn your next event into an unforgettable party!


IndieWeek2015-Logo-SquareThis fun all-ages tournament brings out local musicians, local business owners and employees as well as locally-minded citizens and is a great way to kick off Local First Arizona's National Independents Week campaign, a week-long celebration where local businesses thank you for your support by offering 20% off of a product, service or the whole bill! Find participating businesses and download your Golden Coupon to use now through July 5th!


Photo credit: Melissa Fossum

Phoenix Independents Bowl draws independent-minded locals looking to have fun! This year over one hundred local musicians, local business owners and individuals came out ready to battle it on the bowling lanes for first, second and third place. In between this heated competition, teams were constantly joking and jesting with each other too!



FullSizeRender (1)Thank you to our amazing member, Accurate Signs and Engraving for sponsoring the creation of our uniquely awesome bowling trophies!

This year we introduced a new award given to the team that places last. Our first recipients of this award were the ladies of Dolls With Balls who will enjoy some good eats and great drinks with their $25 gift card to Bliss/ReBar, congrats!

Thank you to DJ Shane Kennedy from the Valley Bar & the Mondo Twang podcast, (and also the drummer from the Through & Through Gospel Review & Where Dead Voices Gather), for pumping out the great music all day!

5th Somewhat Annual Phoenix Independents Bowl Final Scores:

  • First Place Winners: The Daddy Masters

    1st Place: Daddy Masters: 1328

  • 2nd Place: T-hammers: 1200
  • 3rd Place: Macho Men: 1199 (Winner: "Best Dressed Team")
  • 4th Place: AZ Kaos: 902


Team scores going into the final round:

Bud's Glass Joint: 1511 I Can't Believe it's not Gutter: 1333 The SunPunchers: 1303 KWSS 93.9 FM: 1322 Balls Jokes: 1266 Team DPJ: 1066 Hey, Bartender! Shooterz: 1558 Hey, Bartender! Shakerz: 1199 Hey, Bartender! Shakerz: 1434 Daddy Masters: 1855 Macho Men: 1980 The Fighting Tobies!: 1052 AZ Kaos: 1674 Ball Busters: 1348 Renegades: 1301 Let It Roll Bowl: 1670 Local Warriors: 1257 AZPX Records: 1461 Twaughthammer: 1702 Dolls with Balls: 790 (Winner: "Best Last Place Team") LiballRolls: 798 Rebel Lounge: 1042 Psyko Steve: 1435 The Blue Team: 936 The Minor Injuries: 1133 Ex Libris: 1142 Phx Ale Brewery: 1570 The Turf Toes: 1379