5 Indie Week Deals that Continue Past Indie Week

indie-week-2015Starting this Saturday is Independents Week- a statewide celebration of local and independent businesses across the state- happening from June 27th to July 5th. Independents Week is all about getting out and supporting local business during the summer heat. Hundreds of local and independent businesses are participating and accepting the Golden 20% off Coupon during this week! This is a can't miss opportunity to check out what's happening locally in your city, region, and state. Tons of businesses, from massages to building supplies, are participating. Click here to view all of the businesses and their specials!

Besides the resonating good vibes from a discounted massage, clean carpet, or new skirt, some businesses are offering discounted services that continue on past Indie Week. Below are some options for Indie Week Specials that will continue to benefit you and/or your business long past July 5th. 

1. Alterego Fitness Stay fit and active long after Indie Week concludes with the offers from Alterego Fitness. Located in Phoenix, Alterego is offering 20% off either their $50 monthly membership which includes unlimited S.E.E.D. (a toning dance classs) or Zumba classes and three other classes of your choice. They are also offering the great deals of 20% their $75 monthly membership which includes unlimited access to ALL their classes or 20% off their $80 ten-class package.

2. Sumits Yoga Tucson In the interest of continuing health and well-being, Sumits Yoga Tuscon is not only offering 20% off all apparel, gear, and accessories in their boutique but also offering 20% their annual or 50-class passes! Sumits Yoga Tucson has designed their classes for all levels: beginner through advanced (and every experience level in between). Read more about their studio and classes here.

3. Automotive Services When you're good to your car, your car is good to you! Service on your car during Independents Week will continue to benefit you for months, especially during the summer heat. Multiple automotive repair shops are participating such as Tempe's Good Works Auto Repair offering 20% off labor on any repair,  Phoenix Area's Community Tire Pro's offering 20% off service, parts and labor (tires excluded), and down near Tuscon in Green Valley visit Dave Polsky's Tire & Auto Centers for 20% off wheel balancing, alignments, and/or any system flush. Check out all the local automotive services in the state by clicking here and click on your favorite to see if they have an Independents Week deal.

4. Pure Chat Designed for small business, Pure Chat helps you message multiple leads and customers at once and if you sign up for the first time during Independents Week you receive 20% off on your first year!  Instantly chat with new website visitors and streamline your time connecting directly with customers. Learn more about Pure Chat and their services on their website here (even trying chatting with someone)!

5. Another Hand Advantage Another Hand Advantage specializes in creating professional websites for individuals, small businesses, and non-profits and manage their online presence through social media engagement, email marketing and online advertising. During Independents Week use your Golden Coupon for 20% off 3 months of Facebook Advertising Management for your business or non-profit! Learn more about how Another Hand Advantage can benefit your business on their website here.