City of Phoenix's Business and Workforce Development Center Offers Resources For Business Owners

Outside view1According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Phoenix metropolitan area is now ranked number 17 in the nation in regard to unemployment at a rate of 4.8%. As the unemployment rate declines, employees are feeling more confident in the job market than they have since 2008. Businesses are beginning to take on expansion projects that they had put on hold. The Community and Economic Development Department’s “Phoenix is Hot” campaign promotes the various services available to businesses locating or expanding in the city. Participants1The Business and Workforce Development Center (BWD) furthers the Community and Economic Development Department’s mission to attract, retain and expand high-quality employment opportunities to enhance the quality of life for Phoenix Residents. This is the only center of its kind offered by a municipality in the area. The BWD is the primary resource for workforce development solutions for Phoenix Businesses. The center houses talent acquisition and training development assistance programs and is available for Phoenix businesses to utilize for workforce development programs and events. Additional resources include labor market information for sector growth and talent management. The BWD can provide job postings at no cost to employers to assist with their talent search needs. For additional information, please call 602.256.3147 or email [email protected].