Memorial Day Furniture Sales: Keep it Local

beddrsShopping for home furniture is a huge decision for anyone, especially when looking for a new mattress. Finding the right size, comfort, price, and a company you can trust are all weighed into your choice. Sustaining Member of Local First Arizona, Bed DRS, offers a unique approach to selling mattresses by focusing on the health behind a good night's sleep. You'll also be taking advantage of savings and supporting a local business along the way. Wes Harrington, General Manager of Bed DRS, has been a huge supporter of Local First Arizona for a long time and is a true advocate for working with other local businesses and keeping dollars in the community. Consumers throughout Arizona are often bombarded by chain mattress companies popping up on almost every corner, which makes the hometown ownership of Bed DRS unique. They are truly in business to treat each customer like a neighbor and make sure you go home with the right mattress that is going to make you healthier and sleep better.

One misconception about shopping locally is that local businesses have higher prices than larger chain companies. Bed DRS proves that theory wrong, especially by all of their upcoming specials for Memorial Day weekend (click here for even more specials!). This is a great reminder that you can always shop locally, even when making a major purchase for your home. So make sure when you are looking for your next mattress to remember that you can improve your health, save, and support a local business all at the same time!