Golf Course Accidents

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Golf is sought by recreationalists and athletes alike, seeking relaxation and exercise. But, a golf course accident can also be a source of pain and embarrassment (No, we aren’t talking about your play). This article explains the two leading causes of golfing accidents and ways to prevent golf course accidents.

Golf Carts

Golf carts are more readily available than ever before. In the past, golf carts were for the prestigious courses, while the everyday course had only a few on hand. Today, golf carts are now offered at almost every course, for almost every round, and for little to no extra cost to the golfer. But, with this new expansion of golf cart availability has been a substantial increase in golf course accidents. Here are some tips when dealing with golf carts:

  • Golf course mechanics should check the golf carts regularly to ensure they are meeting standards
  • Don’t Assume: check the golf cart yourself to ensure everything looks in good working order
  • If the course’s golf cart is having issues, don’t hesitate to ask them to exchange it

As an aside, a handful of Arizona suburbs have statutes that allow golf carts to be utilized on both golf courses and regular streets. Here, golfers and retirees have taken advantage of this by preferring to use their golf cart to make a grocery run, instead of their car. It is worth noting, however, though a golf cart offers convenience to do the quick 5-minute grocery run, it also lacks every safety feature your vehicle has (i.e. air bags).

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Premises Defects

Despite the attention a golf course may receive from the grounds crew, there are still times that an injury may happen due to unsafe premises. Consequently, an injury arising from a defect in the premises is known as premises liability. Premises’ defects can vary; however, a golf course accident will likely involve a slip and fall. Slip and falls are considered extremely dangerous as they can cause: a broken or dislocated hip, serious leg injuries, serious arm injuries, broken or shattered wrists, and head injuries.

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Getting Help

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Authored by: Jonathan J. Cianfaglione