New service EZBZ makes it easy to shop local online

EZBZ Screenshot EZBZ, Inc., a virtual lifestyle portal offering consumers unfettered access to the broad marketplace of local businesses, has partnered with Local First Arizona (LFA), the largest alliance of independent businesses in the country with 2,600 members. EZBZ has created an online sub-marketplace where users can create inquiries for products and services and send them directly to local businesses for them to bid on.

“Instead of spending the time doing research on what local businesses are out there that can meet your needs, with EZBZ you only need to spend a few minutes filling out the simple form to submit an inquiry,” said Kimber Lanning, Director of Local First Arizona. “Then the local businesses will come to you by responding to your inquiry. It's a win-win situation for everyone; with EZBZ you save valuable time all while supporting the local businesses in your community.

EZBZ's online platform is easy to access and use, and is completely free for users to submit inquiries. In their inquiries, users describe the product or service they are looking for, their location, and can designate a timeframe and budget. Users are then notified by email and text messages about responses to their inquiries.

“EZBZ and Local First Arizona share the same vision of empowering local businesses by making it easier to connect them with local consumers,” said Shana Schlossberg, Founder and CEO of EZBZ. “We created EZBZ on the premise of giving consumers direct access to local businesses, as EZBZ enables consumers to hire contractors and service providers and purchase goods based on shared values rather than Google rankings.”

According to some of the first users, EZBZ has been very simple to use. “I was very impressed with how streamlined and easy the process was for using EZBZ,” said Erica Pederson, a user who was looking for a new lawn service for her home. “I simply entered the information for the service I was looking for, and within an hour I had a reply from a business that matched my inquiry. It was great to not have to spend time searching for the right company to meet my needs!

The EZBZ sub-marketplace, which is now live, can be accessed via