Something New is Brewing at Espresso Italia

Infusion Tea and Coffee     Image via @infusioncoffeetea

Good news fellow coffee fiends, a recent study suggests your daily cup of coffee (or three) could lower the risk of clogged arteries, as well as protect you from melanoma, multiple sclerosis, and more. If that’s not reason enough to savor and relish in your morning brew than maybe this bit of good news will compel you to support Espresso Italia's newest venture into the coffee & tea world - a cafe located in Tempe named Infusion Coffee and Tea. The shop offers eleven distinct single origin products brewed in six different methods, roasted on site, and direct traded with farmers spanning four continents. This quaint coffee shop also has four coffee blends extracted on the first San Remo Opera operated in the USA to craft espresso, ristrettos, cappuccino, latte, and surprising signature drinks. As coffee lovers themselves, their focus is on bringing the very best in artisanal coffee and teas and taking their customers, the local community and the coffee and tea industry to the next level.

Infusion Coffee and Tea Press    Infusion Tea and Coffee BeansImages via @infusioncoffeetea

The coffee shop is also home to IBCA (International Barista & Coffee Academy), which is one of only 30 coffee academies in the world to offer all the modules of the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe and the Americas. They offer weekly cupping sessions, public events, coffee and barista education, SCAE, SCAA certification, Q Grading, workshops, coffee and tea appreciation, team building activities, as well as business development consulting packages. Their coffee and tea education programs are designed for the novice brewing at home or the professional running a coffee shop.

To learn more about this exciting new venture provided by Espresso Italia, the company behind the scenes, visit their website or call to learn more about their courses.

Infusion Coffee and Tea 1300 E. 8th Street, suite 100 Tempe Arizona 85281 480.968.2533

Written by Somlynn Rorie