5 Reasons to Advertise Locally This Summer

Depending on where your business is located in Arizona, you may experience a surge or a lull in business this summer. Regardless of your situation, summer is a great time to plan an advertising campaign for your business. SEE ALSO: 5 Steps To A Successful Advertising Campaign SEE ALSO: 27 Summer Advertising Specials for Local First AZ Members

Here are 5 reasons to advertise locally this summer:

1. Help Your Business Stand Out

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Is your business located in a popular summer destination like Payson, Prescott or Flagstaff? Stand out from the crowd and bring those visitors in to your business by advertising in local markets in Phoenix, Tucson, and beyond.

2. Brand Your Business as a Local Business

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The "Buy Local" message has entered the mainstream, what better time to brand your business as a locally-owned business? People are actively seeking out new local businesses to frequent, take the opportunity to brand yourself as the local option. You can even use the Local First Arizona logo in your print advertisement, or mention you are a proud member on the radio or television!

3. Connect With The Locals

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Increase your brand awareness among the locals by advertising with local media companies during the summer time. This is the audience who will support your business all year long, so get your name in front of them now so they will remember when they're choosing where to spend their money during the summer and beyond though the holiday season.

4. Get More Bang For Your Buck


In the summer time, advertising rates with specific local publications may be discounted or less expensive as demand wanes. If you're an LFA member, don't forget to take advantage of discounts from our local media partners.

5. Opportunities for Collaboration

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To extend your advertising dollars even further, band together with a group of other local businesses in your industry or area to bring the total advertising cost down. The summer is a great time to explore this option. For example, multiple businesses in Globe-Miami could band together to create an advertisement promoting Globe-Miami as a summer destination.

Don't forget to check out summer advertising specials from Local First Arizona Media Partners!