Frequently Asked Questions: Independents Week

IndieWeek-2016-SiteHeaderLocal First Arizona's annual summer campaign, Independents Week, will be happening June 25 - July 4, 2016.  Visit the Independents Week website to find out more, and find answers to frequently asked questions below. What is Independents Week? Independents Week is a national campaign organized by the American Independent Business Alliance. Local First Arizona’s goal is to raise awareness of locally owned businesses in the state and encourage individuals to “go local” for an entire week. In Arizona, it starts on June 25 and ends July 4, 2016.

What does Local First Arizona do for Independents Week? We create a Golden Coupon good for 20% off at participating Local First Arizona member businesses. We partner with LFA media members to offer special advertising discounts for businesses. We hold events to raise awareness of the campaign. We send press releases to the media. We ask individuals to sign a pledge to “go local” during Independents Week and do a drawing from the pledgers for a staycation package. LFA staff tables at events to hand out coupons to individuals and raise awareness of this campaign.

Is this a statewide campaign? Yes! LFA members across Arizona can participate.

Is there a cost to participate? There is no cost other than honoring the 20% discount. Participants must have current business membership with Local First Arizona.

A lot of people are out of town over Fourth of July. Why is this campaign held during a holiday? It runs during the Fourth of July holiday to coincide with celebrating our nation’s independence, to coincide with the national campaign and to add a cash injection to businesses during a time of year that is typically slower.

How many businesses accept the Golden Coupon? In 2015 we had 239 members accept the Golden Coupon.

Can I offer less or more than 20%? Businesses have to offer 20% so that there is consistency in the campaign and so that it is clear to consumers.

Do I have to offer 20% off all of my services/products or can I add restrictions? You can add restrictions however we do not post restrictions on the Independents Week website.

How do people know I am accepting the Golden Coupon? Your business will be listed on the Independents Week webpage. Businesses are listed by city. You are highly encouraged to promote your involvement to your network of customers and clients. Our Independents Week toolkit provides you with information and graphics to help you promote via social media, your newsletter or blog, and printable signs you can hang in your business.

I am trying to attract new customers to my business. Why would I want to promote this to my existing customers? The campaign is an exercise in collaboration. It is likely that new customers will find your business because one of your fellow LFA members sent the Independents Week information to their customers. Why not return the favor? Many businesses have also told us this campaign gives them an opportunity to thank their loyal customers.

My business is online and does not have a storefront. Can I still accept the Golden Coupon? Yes! You can offer a promotional code for shoppers to enter online. The coupon code for consumers to use for online purchases is GOLDENCOUPON2016.

My business is service based. Can I still accept the Golden Coupon? Yes! This campaign is for retail and service based businesses.

How do consumers get the Golden Coupon? The Golden Coupon can be printed from the LFA website, a digital version is available for smart phone users and LFA will hand out printed copies of the coupon at events and various locations.

How is Independents Week promoted? LFA sends press releases out to media across the state. In 2015 we had 20 earned media hits on radio, television, print and online, as well as 300 PSAs on local radio stations KJZZ, KVOA, and KXCI. We had tremendous support from our 30 local media partners as well. We heavily promote the campaign in our newsletters and social media.

Will you provide me with promotional tools? Our Independents Week toolkit provides you with information to help you promote via social media, your newsletter or blog, and printable signs you can hang in your business.

What happens after I sign up to accept the Golden Coupon? LFA will list your business on the Independents Week webpage. We will send you an email and advise you to review the Independents Week toolkit that contains promotional materials. Keep an eye on your Member Newsletter which will have details on the campaign.

Am I required to track anything? We ask you to track how many coupons you receive, both printed copies and digital copies. A tracking template is provided in the Independents Week toolkit.

What do I tell my employees about the campaign? You want to ensure that customers visiting your business with the Golden Coupon have a good experience, so be sure your staff knows about the coupon and how to process it. Encourage staff to learn more about the campaign by going to the Independents Week website and viewing the toolkit.

How many people should I expect to see at my business during the week? According to our survey of participating businesses, most businesses receive between 1 – 5 Golden Coupons. This varies a lot by region and industry. Businesses that heavily promote their involvement in Independents Week see a much higher amount of coupons used. The highest number of Golden Coupons received by a business was 300.

What if no one uses the coupon at my business? Even if your business doesn’t have a coupon turned in, there is still a lot of promotional value to being in this campaign. The Independents Week website gets searched by thousands of individuals so your business will be seen and potentially visited at a later date. We also have media members searching the website and featuring participating members in print, radio and TV. Being involved has marketing value and helps raise awareness of your business.

How do I sign up? Fill out the online registration form.

When do I need to register by? There is not a firm deadline to register but the sooner you sign up the more your business will be promoted.

My business does not accept coupons. How else can I be involved? You can help promote the campaign and your fellow LFA business owners by using the graphics and social media writeups in the Independents Week toolkit. You can attend our Independents Week events. You can take the pledge to go local. You can use Golden Coupons at your fellow members.

I have more questions. Who can I contact? Email [email protected] and we will make sure you are directed to the right staff member.