The Quality Beef Moooooovement in Cornville

Franch1-2or the past several years, a food movement has been sweeping the nation - or, at least, the Arizona region. Arizona residents have been placing a huge emphasis on knowing where their food comes from - which is incredibly important, if you think about it. You know your doctors and your dentists by name, so why shouldn’t you also know the people who are helping you put food on your table? That’s the theory behind this week’s feature, the Tres Hermanas Ranch in Cornville.

Tres Hermanas is suring up PureLifeBeef, 100% grass-fed cattle. These cows do not eat corn or grain. The beef at Tres Hermanas is not subjected to hormones, steroids, pesticides, or herbicides. They graze on irrigated grass pastures, lounging in the shade of Sycamore and Cottonwood trees on a wide, open field. What does this mean for you? Well, for starters, it means that the beef you get from Tres Hermanas is healthy and all-natural. You’re getting beef the way that it was meant to be consumed - without the inflammation, disease, and chemicals that are commonly byproducts of grocery store meat. Additionally, Tres Hermanas cows are raised in an ethical, happy environment with impeccable standards, so you can feel good about how your hamburger got to the table, too. To learn more about the beef at Tres Hermanas, visit their website here.


Tres Hermanas Ranch (that’s Three Brothers, if your Spanish is rusty!) has been running out of the Northern Arizona region for over twenty years. Originally established in 1984, Tres Hermanes has long been hailed as one of the most beautiful places in the Corneville area. It is located in close proximity to Page Springs fed Oak Creek. The ranch is run by Arizona natives, Ernesto and Isabel Castro. The operation is family run down to the core - the Castro’s have even employed their three daughters and seven grandchildren on the farm for the past several years, which means that you are getting all the love and quality that comes with being part of a family.

NOTE: If you would like to reserve a beef package, orders will be starting up again in June 2015. The farm is sold out until that time. In the mean time, you can call ahead for individual cuts of meat. Orders can be placed here and will be processed as soon as possible.