8 Conversations on What's Working Locally in AZ

BALLE2014Wed-44The 13th annual BALLE Conference is coming to Phoenix this June 10-12. The BALLE Conference is the national forum for visionary local economy connectors who are making a difference in their communities. We're planning to bring hundreds of business owners, social entrepreneurs, community funders, policymakers, conveners, network builders, and local economy leaders from around the country to Phoenix as visionary thought leaders and practitioners share their wisdom and experience advancing the emergence of a new economy that's just, fair, and healthy for people, place, and planet. At the conference, there will be 8 key conversation tracks that you can participate in, covering working models that increase economic inclusion, build community wealth, change what ownership looks like, and more. These are the most cutting edge, innovative, and important conversations happening in Localism right now – led by the brightest lights in the movement and their respective fields.

Check out the important conversations we'll be having at this year's BALLE Conference:

BALLE 2015 local-firstRLOCAL FIRST 3.0 This track represents the intersection where land use and planning meets local ownership and culture, and the importance of measuring what matters. We’ll hear how community foundations are partnering with local first networks to strengthen entrepreneurial innovation,  and get an update on the BALLE Quick Impact Assessment. - Track & Session Info

BALLE 2015 soil-naturePSOIL & NATURE This track will dig deep into the ways we can better feed us and feed the soil in which all life depends. We’ll focus on two regions that are trying to feed themselves: a big initiative that has brought together policy and partnerships that include farmers, Cornell University Extension, investors, and farm incubators around an intention to feed NYC locally. - Track & Session Info

BALLE 2015 localist-policiesYLOCALIST POLICY Organizers for economic justice are finding common ground with new economy economic development. In other words, not just rights in an old system, but a new economy that works for all. One example featured in this track is the great work happening between Kentuckians for Common Wealth, which is organizing for political power. - Track & Session Info

BALLE 2015 innovationPINNOVATION FOR GOOD Community entrepreneurship is not a solo sport and this track is all about building a winning team. We’ll see how Detroit is bringing together all the right players to support an ecosystem for community entrepreneurship and community economist Michael Shuman will share his research. - Track & Session Info

BALLE 2015 community-capitalOCOMMUNITY CAPITAL Forging partnerships between investors, local financial institutions, community foundations, and the business organizations that support and strengthen Localist entrepreneurs is critical. In this track, we will be exploring how to map, connect, and grow that capital ecosystem in your place. - Track & Session Info

BALLE 2015 shared-ownershipYSHARED OWNERSHIP Dansko and Tanka Bars will walk us through a company transition to employee ownership and Project Equity will show how to scale employee and cooperative ownership more broadly. City governments are increasingly cultivating the conditions for more public and community ownership, investors are joining together to invest together, and more. - Track & Session Info

BALLE 2015 opportunityOOPPORTUNITY FOR ALL Building from Gandhi’s concept of swadeshi and Martin Luther King’s teachings that the problem of racism, the problem of economic exploitation, and the problem of war are all tied together, there is a convergence of movements underway calling for less corporate control and more to community control. - Track & Session Info

BALLE 2015 magic-soul-inspirationRMAGIC & SOUL Etsy.org, a brand new foundation endowed from Etsy stock, will focus on developing an open-source curriculum and “regenerator” to build a different kind of economy rooted in well-being. Founder Matt Stinchcomb is coming to Phoenix for input from our community. - Track & Session Info

It's a huge opportunity to be able to attend the BALLE Conference here in our home state, we hope that you can join the conversation and help shape solutions to build strong local economies in Arizona and across the nation. Register before May 1 to save $100! We look forward to seeing you at #BALLE2015!