Flagstaff Sports Exchange is a Sport Enthusiast's Best Friend

10169329_10153143534990021_4658033754949643643_nEstablished in 2009, Flagstaff Sports Exchange has been a staple of the Flagstaff community. In a mountain town where outdoor sports are more than a big deal, Flagstaff Sports Exchange has garnered a reputation for being an affordable supply store for athletes from all walks of life. From hikers and campers to yogis and snowshowers, Flagstaff Sports Exchange is the first stop for any Flagstaff enthusiast’s needs. This local shop is popular amongst both the college community and the town’s more permanent residents. It is without a doubt the best place in town to get fairly priced, gently used sports gear.

Flagstaff Sports Exchange operates on what owner Katy calls a win-win business model. Patrons bring in their gently used gear in exchange for store credit, which can be spent like cash on up to 50% of the price of all items in the store. Katy’s business model seems to be working, too. She’s met a niche that the Flagstaff community had long been needing to fill. Her friendly policy means that the students and growing families of Flagstaff can find what they are looking for without breaking the bank.

10945703_10153752670860021_4076252826205996000_nLocated on W. Aspen Avenue in Downtown Flagstaff, FSE is not a place you want to miss. With an ever-changing inventory of high quality goods, Flagstaff Sports Exchange is sure to impress you with the best options for every sport, regardless of the season. It’s not uncommon to find unworn, name-brand apparel that is less than a season old. It’s genius, really. In a town with as many outdoor adventurers as Flagstaff, there is sure to always be something great coming in to the store. For more information about how inventory works at FSE, check out their inventory page here.

If you’re interested in trading in your sporting goods at Flagstaff Sports Exchange, be sure to check out their trade-in policy here. It’s fairly simple stuff - 10155639_10153111212880021_8789822009469116723_nmake sure that your gear is clean and working properly before you bring it in. At the store, the employees will make sure that everything is up to scratch before making you a deal. They appraise items based on several factors, which include quality, cleanliness, and current demand.

For more information about FSE and to keep an eye on local deals, check out the FSE Facebook page here.

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