2 Local Job Listings from Localwork.com: April

localwork Arizona is a melting pot of industry and commerce and is a great place to find well-paid careers. LocalWork.com provides access to many great employment opportunities across many industries. Here’s a look at real employment opportunities inside Transportation, Healthcare, Technology and General Labor. We have some pulled some promising opportunities from the Localwork.com search and please view all local jobs here.

1. One of the most innovative technology companies in the country is in our own backyard, and they’re still seeking motivated individuals to fill a number of positions. Infusionsoft is looking for skilled professionals to fill the following roles:

Professional Services Consultant Tech Support

2. Based in Scottsdale, Nextiva is the leader in cloud based business VoIP phone systems, hosting thousands of small and medium sized businesses in over 85 markets nationwide. This company, which specializes in providing state-of-the-art service, is seeking to fulfill ten open positions. View their listing here.