5 Ideas for Infused Waters

Fruit-WaterSummer is upon us and it’s already heating up across Arizona. This summer, stay fresh and hydrated without turning to sugary beverages, by using the season’s bounty of herbs, fruit, and veggies to make your own infused waters. Use the five below combinations to get you started building your own delicious creations. Prep is simple: for each gallon of water, add about one cup of add-ins and refrigerate for at least one hour. Top with sparkling water for extra flair and to impress your guests. You can find local ingredients for your infusions from your garden, the farmers market, or on Good Food Finder.

Cucumber, Mint, Lime Water


Strawberry, Basil, Lemon Water


Watermelon, Lemon Verbena, Ginger Water


Lavender, Honeydew, Blueberry Water


Thyme, Peach, Cherry Water


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