4 Ways to Go Local This Easter

4 Ways to Go Local for Easter

Make the most your Easter and interact with your local community by partaking in great food, fun events, and good deals this Easter season. By shopping locally you can guarantee your family's successful Easter while supporting successful local economic growth!

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1. Choose a local restaurant for Easter brunch. Lucky you, we already created a list of all the local happenings around Arizona- including brunch specials- right here on at the blog at Local Easter Happenings Around Arizona. Reservations strongly advised! You can also check out the local restaurant directory if you are seeking a particular kind of food! (Did someone say Easter barbecue?)

2. Pick out your Easter outfit at a local apparel store. Going local for your Easter outfit means its less likely someone is going to be wearing the same thing. But even if you do match, you'll both look great in local threads that return more to community. Search for children's stores, for women's stores, and men's stores on the local business directory.

Unique Easter sweets aplenty- like this masterpiece from Super Chunk!
Unique Easter sweets aplenty- similar to this masterpiece from Super Chunk!

3. Fill Easter eggs with candy from a local store. With over 30 online and store-front local candy and sweets shops to choose from, it could pretty easily be an ostrich egg. No need to stick with the traditional chocolate rabbits either: there is gourmet popcorn, single-source chocolate, and cake pops to satisfy any sweet-tooth.

4. And finally, head to the farmer's market for making Easter dinner. We have complied those for you in the directory here. Whether you choose rabbit greens or local meats, a fresh meal with the ones you love is a great way to end your relaxing Easter Sunday.