How the Devoured Bartending Competition Got Green

bartending compFor those who missed the spectacular Devoured Bartending cocktail festivities in early March, rest easy knowing you were not the only thing that was missing from our fun. The competition was short quite a few bags of landfill trash due to the addition of recycling at this event at Phoenix's Crescent Ballroom. While slinging hundreds of cocktails, bartenders and event attendees alike made the conscious decision to utilize the recycling bin, conveniently labeled to avoid waste and add smiles.

awesomeWe had a few simple rules that helped us navigate the new, exciting terrain of recycling on the day of the event.

  1. Empty plastic cups, paper, empty liquor bottles and cardboard all were recycled.
  1. To avoid contamination, we had amazing bin guarders who stood at the trash stations and helped attendees deposit recyclables into the correct bin. Ice and remaining cocktail juices where dumped in the trash bin opposed to the recycling.
  1. Fewer things= less trash This year, we left plastic straws and paper napkins out of the equation.

P3010150To those whom attended, thank you for helping make this a towards zero waste event and a huge shout out to LFA volunteers who helped us mitigate 200 gallons of recyclables from the landfill!  We also appreciate the willingness of the Crescent Ballroom's staff to help us achieve our recycling goals!

If you are interested in how to “green-up” your bar or restaurant please contact LFA Sustainability intern, Kayla Bellman at [email protected].