New Additions At The Only Candle Factory in Northern Arizona

Armadilla Wax Works is the only candle factory in Northern ArizonAWWa. However this factory is different because it is open to the public, and has large viewing windows allowing customers to watch the process of candle making. The factory has its own retail outlet, which carries the very candles customers can watch being made. A new retail shop is now open within the candle factory store. Polka Goat Soap, founded 6 years ago, has opened its doors. The soap is made on sight, with fresh goat’s milk, coming from farm-raised goats in Dewey. Scrubs and lotions are also available. Only quality ingredients are used by the artisan soap maker. You can meet and talk with the owner about her fine products and watch soap being made. She’d love to tell you about her goats, too!polkagoatsoap

The candle store features a wax dipping tank for customers to dip pre-poured candles into colored waxes to create their own individualized candle. Experience the craftsmanship of candle and soap making together in one location. The candle factory welcomes inquiries from additional artists and crafts people to participate in this unique art community, spaces are available.

Armadilla Wax Works was founded in 1971, and the factory and retail store is located in Prescott Valley, Arizona, where they pour superior quality candles for gifts, home décor and wedding receptions.

"We are proud to be pouring candles right here in Arizona," said Mr. Buttermann, "If you haven't been in to see us, stop on in.  You're going to love our candles."

The Armadilla Wax Works Candle Factory store is located at 2651 N. Industrial Way in AWW2Prescott Valley, and is open Monday through Friday from 10:00am to 4:00pm; Saturday 10-2. If you would like more information about spaces available for your studio or to schedule a candle factory tour for your community service club membership or school class please call 928-772-1898 or email [email protected]

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