Phoenix Public Market Compost Collaboration

phx public market You may have seen Phoenix Public Market Cafe recently at Sustival, visited them for RadiatePHX, or stopped in during the weekly open-air markets. This neighborhood restaurant/bar/marketplace has been incredibly active in bringing vibrancy to Phoenix. Participating in community events  is not where the healthy collaborations stop. Behind the scenes, the Cafe fosters relationships that create a more resilient, sustainable community.

Phoenix Public Market Café has recenlty instilled composting into their already robust efforts of waste diversion. Partnering with local company, Recycled City, the Cafe introduced compost bins in the restaurant and kitchen. To date, Public Market has diverted 26,700 pounds of food waste from the landfills and is on track to create 2,280 cubic feet of soil a year.

downtown phoenix public market carrotsdowntown phoenix public market carrots

We took a deeper look at how the Cafe has introduced this new initiative into their operations. One of the most common occurrences when separating compost or recycling from landfill trash is contamination. When asked if they had problems with landfill trash ending up in the compost, the Cafe disclosed that they have had little trouble. Manager Sara Matlin accredited this success to their customers’ willingness to participate and the kitchen staffs’ excitement over a little friendly competition. How does competition factor in? At Public Market the different sectors of the kitchen, from prep to pastry and all in between, compete against each other to see who can minimize their contamination the most.  Word on the street is that the Cafe's pastry chefs have maintained the cleanest compost so far. 

Besides an excuse for a competition, the Cafe is composting because they hope to empower other local businesses to also incorporate more sustainable practices into their own operations. The Cafe is working to perfect this routine before they tackle the next goal. What is this next goal, you ask? Stay tuned…

 For comments, questions, or composting inquiries please contact LFA Sustainability intern, Kayla, at [email protected]