Member Spotlight: Mortimer Family Farms

If you’re located in northern Arizona, you might know Mortimer Family Farms for their annual Pumpkin Fest. The event draws in visitors from all over the region - and from other parts of the state, too. But Mortimer Family Farms (formerly called Young Farms) is not just the place to go for your annual hayride every October. The farm, which is open year-round, has a lot going on during the spring months, too. Mortimer Family Farms is located in Dewey-Humboldt and is a short drive from Prescott. It was founded by Gary Mortimer as a nursery and landscaping business in 1987, and began to expand when Sharla Mortimer joined Gary in 1996. The Mortimers are committed to reviving the area’s rich farming history through community outreach and promotion of their home-grown goods.

storeWhen they’re not putting on the Pumpkin Fest, Mortimer Family Farms operates a country store where you can find grass-fed and grain-fed beef, squash, onions, and the farm’s famous sweet corn. They restock every day with that morning’s pickings, which means that visitors are getting only the highest quality, freshest ingredients. And if fresh fruits and veggies aren’t your thing - or if you’ve already forgotten about those New Years Resolutions - you can also stock up on a variety of homemade baked goods, including fresh cinnamon rolls and pies right out of the oven. Other treats include salsas, sauces, and jams.

The farm’s commitment to family and community can be experienced year-round. If you are looking for a fun outing or field trip, Mortimer Family Farms offers tours of the facilities eery Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.These affordable tours take place on a hayride pulled by an antique tractor. Throughout the visit, you will get the opportunity to inspect crops, learn about the science behind operating a successful faslider3rm, and visit with the farm animals. Mortimer Family Farms is also a great place to host your next event. They specialize in barnyard weddings, which allows for a lot of diversity for the happy couple. Their venue can be transformed for both rusting and elegant gatherings. You can find out more information about events and visits by visiting their website or calling Mortimer Family Farms at 928-830-1116.

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