Gleamingly Green

Pizza People Food Truck Tips to make a food truck operation more sustainable

Step 1: Waste Mitigation Typically, 95% of restaurants’ waste stream can either be recycled or composted (Source: Dine Green). Thus, one recycling bin= a giant win for Planet Earth. One composting bin transforms your trash into nutrients for local gardens. How to incorporate? Ask your waste disposal company if they offer recycling and look into your city’s resources.

Step 2: Plate, cups, and napkins, oh my! ecoplatesTraditional single-use cutlery, plates, and glassware are made of petroleum based plastics which are energy intensive to make, difficult to recycle, and everlasting if they find themselves in a landfill. Biodegradable alternatives are estimated to require 50% less energy during manufacturing, prove to be better for the environment, and are nearly magic in how quickly they disappear. How to incorporate? Ask your current provider if they offer eco-friendly alternatives.

Step 3: Go plastic bottle free Three liters of water are used to produce the plastic for one liter of bottled water. Only 20% of plastic bottles will actually be recycled, leaving 2 million tons of plastic water bottles to clog the landfills or on lie the street as litter (Source: The Water Project). What to offer instead? Set up a self-serve cooler for customers with water and set out a donation jar. Consider selling reusable water bottles with your branding that customers can purchase. If you must use plastic bottles, set up a recycling station at your truck and give customers an incentive to recycle.

Step 4: One percent for the planet By pledging 1% of profits back to the planet, you are actively working towards a healthier, more just world. Way to go, you! How to incorporate? Sign up your business here!

Step 5: Buy Local A 2012 study done in Salt Lake City showedlocal ag that local restaurants recirculate an average of 79 % of their revenue locally, compared to 30 percent for the chain eateries. (Source: Civic Economics)  More jobs, happier neighbors, stronger economy. How to incorporate? Check out the local agriculture and food production category on Local First Arizona’s website. You can also find farms, growers, food and beverage products on Good Food Finder, an initiative of Local First.

Step 6: Level up your green Automobiles account for nearly one-fifth of the United States carbon emissions, which means there is plenty of room to make a positive difference (Source: Concerned Scientists). By purchasing carbon offsets, you help fund a project that prevents one ton of greenhouse gases from being emitted, negating your own personal emissions! How to incorporate? Terra Pass, 3Degrees, and Renewable Choice Energy are just some of the great institutions actively offsetting individuals and businesses carbon footprints.

Interested in incorporating sustainable practices into your food truck business? Contact Kayla Bellman, LFA Sustainability intern at [email protected]. We'd also love to hear about anything your business is currently doing to be eco-conscious.