Local Films Run Wild

Running Wild logoRunning Wild Films is committed to building a local cinema movement in Arizona and has been hard at work producing movies and films that reach into the community, using actors and crew from Arizona and telling Arizona stories. Travis Mills, a respected and established film producer and director, founded Running Wild Films in 2010 with playwright Gus Edwards. Mills has been influential in the Arizona film community, helping to build a sustainable film movement that stays local. Running Wild Films has gained a reputation for making movies at a fast pace with small budgets, while focusing on good storytelling. In four years, they have produced over 100 film projects including short films, music videos, and five feature length movies. In 2013, they successfully completed their Durants never closes posterambitious project “52 Short Films in 52 Weeks.” Their current project is a feature film about Phoenix legend Jack Durant titled “Durant's Never Closes.” This is their first project to include Hollywood talent and they successfully signed several actors to play parts in the film: Tom Sizemore (as Jack Durant), Peter Bogdanovich, Pam Grier, Dina Meyer, Michael Richards (as Dizzy Dean) and Joe Don Baker. Pre-production work continues on "Durant's Never Closes" with a shoot date set for March. The film will mostly be shot in Phoenix with some scenes captured in other Arizona locations. Local businesses have a unique opportunity to be part of the film with sponsorship opportunities and anyone can help by donating to their Kickstarter campaign. Learn more about the awesome things Running Wild Films is doing and see a teaser trailer of the film by visiting their website www.runningwildfilms.com.