Growing Lifelong Learners

Looking to preserve your child’s natural curiosity of the world around them? Then, Greenhouse Montessori in Gilbert may be just the school that nourishes the seed for your curious youngster. The school provides a Monesorri schoolquaint, hands-on learning experience for children ages 14 months to six years and is located on an acre grassy lot, where students can play, learn and explore outdoors doing classroom extensions, gardening, science, cooperative games, nature exploration, and so much more. The school includes live animals, bugs, science experiments, and a garden, which has plenty of space for the children to plant and harvest, allowing them to experience how one seed can provide a feast. The school also has a music and animal program. The music program integrates different types of instruments, music and movement, music education, and more depending on the classroom level. The animal program involves a local farm bringing animals for the kids to learn about, care for, and get up close and personal with animals such as horses, llamas, alpacas, sheep, rabbits, and other domesticated farm animals in a small setting.

Classroom&Animals-October 2011 001The goal of Greenhouse Montessori focuses on the concept that early education should not be focused on filling the child with pre-selected information but to encourage their own natural desire to learn. In this Montessori environment, the children are able to select activities based on their own natural curiosity and with the help of specially trained teachers the children are encouraged to explore, create, and fall in love with learning. To learn more or to tour the school, visit or call 480.635.0386.

Greenhouse Montessori School 505 S. Gilbert Rd. Gilbert, AZ 85296

This member spotlight is written by Somlynn Rorie.