LFA Members Participate in Greenhouse Gas Study

EPA GHG infographLocal First Arizona recently worked with students from the ASU School of Sustainability to study the impact that two local businesses have on the environment. A student team conducted greenhouse gas studies of Let It Roll Bowl, an independent bowling alley in Phoenix, and truce, a cleaning product manufacturer in Tempe. The students met with the owners of both businesses, gathered information and were able to calculate emissions. Here is what they found and their recommendations on ways these businesses can improve.

LET IT ROLL BOWL: The majority of the LIRBbowling alley’s greenhouse gas emissions come from electricity usage. The team came up with the following recommendations for Let It Roll Bowl to reduce their electricity use, along with some tips to reduce auto emissions from employees and customers which also factored into the business’s impact.

  • Register for EnergySTAR Portfolio Manager
  • Update their HVAC system
  • Solar installation
  • Explore APS rebate option in reducing monthly energy usage
  • Full energy audit
  • Encouraging green behavior (turning off office equipment when not in use etc)
  • Reducing commuter emissions through employee and customer carpooling incentives. Look into electric car charging stations for the parking lot.

TruceTRUCE: The majority of truce’s greenhouse gas emissions come from electricity usage also. Because this company is smaller in scale, it was interesting that one of the most effective ways to reduce their emissions is to grow the business and move to a warehouse for production. Other recommendations included reducing energy use in the ways noted for Let It Roll Bowl.

Big thanks to both companies for taking part in this study! We love seeing locally owned businesses being good community stewards by helping students, as well as paying GHG teamattention and improving their environmental sustainability. We appreciate the hard work of students Patrick Sheahan, Feifei Zhang, Saritha Ramakrishna, Monty Gaither, Andrew Lane and Evan Taylor!

If your business is interested in taking part in an environmental impact study like this, please email [email protected].