A Compostable Solution

Thinking of a new year’s resolution that will help local farms create more fresh local food and “greenify” your daily life? Consider a year of composting. By working with Phoenix based Recycled City, you can easily recycle your food waste without the smelly, ick factor recycled cityfor only $25 a month. Recycled City provides all the things you need to get you started - air-tight buckets, bags of Bokashi, and weekly pick-up services so you’ll be up and running in no time. More importantly, your compost will play a key role in providing healthy soil to Phoenix Urban Farms and even your backyard garden. Currently, soil erosion is affecting how farmers can grow - precious top-soil is being lost due to deforestation, conventional agriculture, and other destructive practices that remove biomass. On top of this, conventional food comes to us from thousands of miles away, and old and unused food ends up in landfills where it rots away and pollutes our air. By recycling your left-overs and food scraps, you can help create abundant local farms and help support the Phoenix Urban Farm initiative, which grows food that is given out in a low income, food desert community in central Phoenix. Instead of participating in a destructive cycle, kick off the new year by reducing waste and recycling! www.recycledcity.com